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Profitmark patent agency franchise - is the best way to automate your IP business
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The franchisee will receive:
CRM system
TM monitoring
TM search builder
Best IP automation
Trademark databases
Our service
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Trademark search constructor
How many trademark verification reports can you make per day? The constructor automates your work and helps you create dozens of reports a day
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Buy technology and ready-made format. You will be able to receive thousands of applications for trademark registration annually and serve them without any problems
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White label
If you already have a successful brand, but you want to automate the format of work, get more orders and process them successfully - white label is just for you
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CRM system
Your own format works great. You need to organize orders and improve control. CRM system will help you serve your entire portfolio of trademarks.
We have been working as a patent agency for 17 years. All this time we have been looking for the perfect format. We found it and it consists of the following
  • Automated website application for applicants
  • CRM system - automates the work of employees
  • Automated work with the patent office
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Trademark search tool for professionals
Checking a trademark before filing an application for registration is difficult to overestimate. This is the most important part of the work of a patent attorney. We have developed a constructor that will allow you to search for similar trademarks and indicate the necessary template conclusions and recommendations. The time to prepare the report will be reduced incredibly. The report itself will have a design that will impress your customer.
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Why is it profitable to buy a franchise?
  • development of IP software is expensive and time consuming
  • patent offices become increasingly digital and connected. It is necessary to compete
  • more people are buying online
  • it is more efficient to buy a format that has already worked successfully
  • you will be able to file 1500 trademark applications annually and will be easy to service
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Who is white label suitable for?
  • companies that have already built their well-recognized brand and don`t want to change it
  • your current format of work is inefficient and for growth, you want to automate the patent agency
  • you don`t want to deal with your own software development, but understand the need to digitize your company
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Who is CRM system for?
  • you need to manage a large portfolio of trademarks
  • your company needs to automate template processes
  • you want to serve customers quickly and efficiently
  • you need to improve your competitiveness
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Profitmark.Pro - Patent agency of the future

Profitmark has been working as a patent agency for 17 years. We register trademarks in 125 countries around the world. In 2014, our company has begun to automate the process of trademark registration: both on the client side and for our employees. This gave tremendous results. The number of clients has grown 10 times.

Constantly introducing new technologies, we have come to an optimal format of work. This format makes it possible to accept thousands of new applications for registration of trademarks every year and accompany them with a very small staff.

The Profitmark format is effective due to the following three fundamentals:

  • Automated website application for accepting applications from applicants. Online trademark check, automated class selection assistant, online application form in 125 countries around the world, much more…
  • CRM system - automates the work of employees: automatic filing of applications for trademark registration, templates for all documents, a constructor for preparing reports on trademark verification ...
  • Work with patent offices on the principle of "server-server". Sending and receiving all documents through the CPM system.

This format has been working for 8 years already. It has proven its viability and effectiveness. Realizing that our format can be adapted to any country in the world, we decided to launch our Profitmark.Pro franchise. We want to find a reliable franchisee in every country and repeat our success. We hope you will become the next.

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