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CRM system

Who is CRM system for?

  • companies that have already built their well-recognized brand and don't want to change it
  • your current format of work is inefficient and for growth, you want to automate the patent agency
  • you don't want to deal with your own software development, but understand the need to digitize your company
Advantage in automation. Our CRM includes many features:
Filing applications for trademark registration in one click
Monitoring of trademark infringements
Trademark's search reports constructor
Accepting and sending documents to the patent office, automated document management
Auto-generating documents by template
Control of payment deadlines for all fees
Control of payments in the "accounting" section
Automatic registration of domains after payment
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How much does the CRM system cost?
The annual cost of the subscription is in the process of being formed.
The annual cost of the subscription
1000 € /per monthOr130 € /per month
CRM system for trademark portfolio management – Happy attorney

If you serve hundreds or thousands of trademark registration clients, you have to manage many processes.

The more processes are automated, the less likely there are errors in the work.

Agree, it's great if a client fills out an application on your website, your employee only checks the data and submits an application to the patent office in one click. This is not only about the speed of filing an application, which can take three minutes. It's also about the cost of your services. Since the application process is very easy, you will be able to offer the best price in the market and win the most of it.

The process of exchanging incoming and outgoing documents with the patent office takes a lot of time. Not to mention that each document must be sent to the client with certain explanations. The task of Profitmark is to integrate the connection of our CRM system to the Patent Offices of those countries where we have partners. This allows you to send secondary documents to the patent office in one click. When documents are received from the patent office, they automatically go to our clients' accounts. These documents come along with explanatory templated letters.

Our CRM system contains many other useful modules, including shark.chat. You can use it for all communications with the client: all messages from the chat of your website, messengers, social networks will be sent to the CRM system. You can easily identify each client and advise him by seeing the entire history of previous communications with him.

An important part of the CRM is a module for preparing trademark search reports. You will be able to check and send trademark search reports to your clients in the most automated way possible. The same module will be responsible for preparing reports as a result of monitoring trademarks.

We are ready to adapt our CRM system for you personally, for your local market. We look forward to your inquiries and suggestions.

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