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First patent agency franchise

Why is it profitable to buy a franchise
  • Development of IP software is expensive and time consuming
  • Patent offices become increasingly digital and connected. It is necessary to compete
  • More people are buying online
  • It is more efficient to buy a format that has already worked successfully
8 years
developing software
17 years
of experience as a patent agency
applications for TM registration annually
The number of customers

Become our franchisee! You will receive a fully automated patent agency.Only proven solutions. What will you get?

  • A local website with a domain of your country
  • A local mobile application
  • CRM system for managing a portfolio of trademarks
  • Trademark verification and monitoring tool
  • Ready-to-use effective sales funnel
  • And much more

One country - one franchisee. We care deeply about who represents us. What matters to us:

The business reputation of the franchisee in the country where the franchise is being extended.
Experience in the field of intellectual property.
The business reputation of the franchisee in the country where the franchise is being extended.

To become a franchisee of Profitmark, you can follow the steps outlined below:

Initial Contact
Reach out to Profitmark expressing your interest in becoming a franchisee. Provide your contact information and express your commitment to the franchise opportunity.
Payment of Advance
As part of the franchise agreement, you will be required to pay an advance fee, which is 10,000 euros from the total franchise cost (75,000 euros). This initial payment secures your position as a franchisee.
Local Website Launch
Profitmark will work on setting up a local website specifically tailored to your region. This website will be used to attract local customers and establish an online presence.
CRM System Adaptation
The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system will be adapted to suit the needs of your local market. This will help you manage client interactions and streamline your operations effectively.
You will receive training on how to operate Profitmark's software products and tools. This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to provide trademark registration services.
Advertising Setup
Profitmark will assist in setting up advertising campaigns to attract clients to your franchise. Effective marketing strategies will be implemented to generate leads. Initial Profit: Once the franchise is operational, you will start generating income from your clients. This initial profit will help you cover your costs and get your business off the ground.
Remaining Franchise Fee
After you have started earning income and are satisfied with the franchise operations, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of the franchise fee, which is 65,000 euros.
Royalty Payments
As a franchisee, you will be expected to make ongoing royalty payments to the franchisor. Profitmark will continue to provide support and guidance to help you grow your franchise. This support may include marketing assistance, software updates, and operational advice.
What is provided to the franchisee?
Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business
Adaptation of all Profitmark programs for the country of the franchisee
Update, refinement of software products for franchisees and technical support
The right to use TM Profitmark in a particular country
CRM-system for managing a portfolio of trademarks
The website is fully adapted to the country of the franchisee
Trademark's search reports constructor
Local domain, for example: profitmark.pl, profitmark.es
All applications from profitmark for the registration of trademarks will be redirected to the franchisee
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How much does the franchise cost?
Save time with our powerful features which will help you to be more efficient.
3.5% - of turnover monthly
One-time payment
75 000 €
Why is it inexpensive?
You just need to compare with independently developing and maintaining everything that we offer in the franchise.
Own development
Total cost will be:
108,000 €
  1. Such development will take at least a year
  2. Hiring programmers - at least 3
  3. The salary of each developer is at least 5000€
  4. other employees: tester, system administrator, marketer, SEO specialist - the cost will be at least 3000 euros per month
You accompany your project by own forces
  • Programmer – 5000 €
  • SEO specialist - 1000 €
  • Contextual advertising specialist - 700 €
  • Marketer - 1000 €
Minimum monthly costs:
4700 €
Single payment:
75,000 €
Our programmers will adapt all the software specifically for you:
  1. Faster
  2. More reliable
You pay royalties 3.5%

We calculate royalties from a forecast of 100 trademark applications per month. The average check is 700 €.

Technical support, software development, SEO specialist, setting up contextual advertising - all this is included in the franchise.

Costs will be:
2450 €
Franchise of the patent agency. Patent agency of the future.

Franchise from a patent agency? Are you surprised by this format? We thought for a long time how to find partners in other countries and came to the conclusion that franchising is the model that will allow us to effectively interact with our partners.

Why is this so...

It is franchising that allows you to implement a successful format by repeatedly adapting it to a specific business environment. The success of Profitmark's service is based on the automation of many processes. It is technology that makes it possible to accept a large number of applications for trademarks and process them with a minimum number of employees.

Since technology is constantly evolving, a one-time sale of software to a partner will solve the automation problem only for a while. Also, we want to guarantee our partner the result. But, this is not possible if we transfer only part of the technology. A successful format is the synergy of technology and marketing. It is important to understand how the market for services in the field of intellectual property will develop further and adapt the format to the new realities in time.

That is why we believe that the franchising format for a patent agency is optimal. From the very start, we adapt our format to the franchisee market, work out the entire work process, train your staff and provide you with all possible support in the course of your activities. This minimizes the number of errors and allows you to build the work optimally.

How to start working with a franchisee:

  1. After receiving your request, we study your local market and the structure of the intellectual property portfolio.
  2. We receive from the franchisee a one-time payment for the purchase of a franchise - 75,000 euros
  3. We adapt the CRM system and website to the local franchisee market: we connect the local database of trademarks, automate work with the department, train staff...
  4. Marketing, SEO optimization, setting up contextual advertising. Establishing franchisee sales.
  5. Providing support to the franchisee on all issues. Handling franchisee product improvement initiatives. The franchisee pays monthly royalties depending on the turnover - 3.5%

Let's build the patent agency of the future together.

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