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Who is white label suitable for?

  • companies that have already built their well-recognized brand and don't want to change it
  • your current format of work is inefficient and for growth, you want to automate the patent agency
  • you don't want to deal with your own software development, but understand the need to digitize your company
White label Includes
White label products and services are sold by a third party to brand and resell as you wish.
Adaptation of all Profitmark programs for the customer's country
Update, refinement of software products for franchisees and technical support subject to payment of royalties
Website adapted to the country of the customer
Trademark's search reports constructor
CRM system for managing the trademark portfolio
SEO-promotion of the website on the customer's local market, subject to payment of royalties
Setting up contextual Google advertising for the customer, subject to payment of royalties
Access to the database of trademarks of the customer's country
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How much does the White label cost?
How much does the White label cost?
One-time payment
150 000 €
Royalties 2.5 royalties
Provided if you need technical support
No royalty payments
Support by the customer
Integration of automation tools in the patent agency

We understand that many patent agencies have already created big names that are already trusted by hundreds of clients. Many patent companies have the names of their partners.

In this case, buying a franchise and changing your name is not the best option.

At the same time, speaking with representatives of many companies, we understand that today automation is of interest to almost every patent agency. Therefore, we decided to give the opportunity to use the Profitmark work format according to the White label principle. Our partner will be able to leave his name, but at the same time, use all Profitmark.Pro technologies.

How to start working with us in white label format:

  1. There is a one-time payment: 150 thousand euros. This payment can be divided into two parts: 50 percent before the integration and 50% after it is completed.
  2. We study the local market and adapt our system to it.
  3. We train staff and establish sales.
  4. We accompany our partner on all issues of a technical and marketing nature.

We are ready to show partners the logistics of our work and statistics over the years of our format. She is very persuasive. At peak times, our company received 34 trademark applications in one day from different clients. With the help of automation, even such a significant number of applications can be accurately processed by a staff of 2-3 specialists.

We are interested in partners who keep up with the times and are ready to improve the product together with us and make it the best on the market.

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